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General conditions

TH Pettersson AB, Sweden sell items and goods via the internet to private individuals and companies in Sweden and Europe with personal or corporate identity. To place a order with us, you must have a valid ID document for parcel shipments and must be over 18 years old. In order to place order from us, you must be at legal age - atleast 18 years old. Products delivered by TH Pettersson have Swedish manual or user manual when so is required by Swedish laws, either in digital or physical forms. If you need manuals in other language, contact us for more information. For Guarantee questions - we use usal guarantees that applies in Sweden and only for first-hand purchasers, for guarantees within and outisde Europe we refer primarily to the respective contry´s legislation regarding imports. We reserve the right for incorrect stock balances and price. If you have questions about our terms, please contact us before placing your order.

Placing order

Order is placed at our website If you need help with setup of you account or placing your order, contact our customer support via e-mail at Completed order means that you accept our Purchase and Delivery Terms and agree that personal data / company information is registered in our records in accordance with current legislation. We reserve the right to change orders where delivery has not yet taken place, if for some reason it is not possible to deliver the order in its entirety or cannot be made according to selected options and freight and payment options.

Images, information and pricing

All prices are given in Swedish Kronor (SEK) including VAT if other is not told. For other local currencies, these are based on the current rate and can therefore vary from day to day. We do not take into account changes in currency, the price that applies at the time of ordering is what applies. Cost of shipping is additional and will be added in our checkout depending on country, weight and size of the ordered parts.
Product images on our website do not guarantee the exact appearance and function of the product. We reserve the right for any errors in product information and reserve the right to change product information and prices without notice.
We reserve the right for any parts going out of stock, difference in price or technical function. We reserve the right to cancel incorrect orders. Pictures and information on our website which is from our suppliers are used by agreement, if you wish to the pictures - you must name us as source with name and date in order to be able to refer the picture, information and price to a given time. All contect, such as text, graphics, logos and images belongs to TH Pettersson AB, Sweden or our suppliers and is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws.

Personal data

Completed order at our website means that you accept our terms and agree that personal data / company information is registered in our registers in accordance with currect legislation. If you want to receive listed information we have registered or request a correction or removal from our register, please contact our customer support for further information. When placing order you give acceptance to recieve our digital newsletter. You can cancel your subscription at any time, free of charge, either via a link in the newsletter or by contacting our customer support.

Integrity, Security & GDPR

Your personal integrity is important to us and we work in many ways to protect and respect them. Not least by following the data protection regulation ( GDPR ). Among other things, by not using your personal data for more than necessary, but also by working seriously with security and documentation. TH Pettersson AB protects your data trough a combination of technical and organizational solutions. Access systems are required for access to TH Pettersson AB´s system that handles personal data. Our employees and personal data assistants and subordinates must comply with our internal personal data policy.


Once you have placed your order, an order confirmation is generated to be sent to the email specified when the order is placed. Make sure to double check the order confirmation when it is received, if there is anything that deviates from the expectation, please contact our customer service directly. Make sure to save the order confirmation until you have received delivery in order to have correct information at hand in case of any contact with our customer service. We always try to deliver the entire order at one time, should part of the order cause longer delivery time, it may be sent in part delivery. We do not provide any delay guarantee for goods that are not in stock when orders are placed. This means that the total delivery time before the goods reach you can be longer than what is normally stated for the chosen freight alternative. If it turns out that it is impossible for us to complete the order, for example if our supplier cannot fulfill its commitment then you as a customer have the right to cancel the purchase. Contact our customer service if you wish to cancel your purchase. For packages that are not triggered, we reserve the right to charge the customer costs for shipping, return shipping, expedition and handling of SEK 295. If payment is not made, the matter is handed over to our payment partner.

If the product is damaged or lost during transport, you must contact us. If the goods have been transported damaged, you must report this directly to the driver or your representative or no later than 5 days after receipt to the shipping company who makes a claim notification and make sure that you do not use the product. When you order and enter your e-mail address, we make sure that you get a pre-order when possible, with the available number sent to your specified address. Remember to always enter a mobile phone number when you order to be able to receive notification prior to delivery, if no other valid phone number is specified, an extra charge of SEK 25 may apply. Keep in mind that time for shipping is added, at high workload or national holidays, so delivery times can sometimes be longer than usual. When ordering unique products and ordering goods, it may take longer, contact us if you are unsure.


At our website checkout you may choose between invoice, partial payment, card payment or direct payment options, this may vary depending on country. TH Pettersson AB, Sweden has the right to make credit checks where required to be able to grant credit. As a customer you undertake to pay within the specified time for the chosen payment method. Payment after the due date can lead to interest. All transactions are made via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with very secure encryption. No card info are saved and we the latest security technology for card payment with 3D-secure, a standard developed by Visa and Mastercard. All goods remain TH Pettesson AB´s property until full payment is received. If payment is not made, the matter is massed on to our payment partner.


When placing order without Swden we have a No return policy. If you get something wrong and want to change the wrong item, it must not be used, as soon as you start to use the product, return is no longer possible.
You are obliged to keep the goods in as good a condition as when you received it. You must not use it. If the item is damaged or lost due to negligence, you lose the right of withdrawal. We replace the value of the goods, but not any shipping or handling costs. Packaging must be in such condition that the product can be resold. Returns do not apply to ordering goods.
Ordering goods are binding on orders. Upon return, the customer must be responsible for return shipping and from us, RMA is assigned a return number from us before delivery. We do not redeem parcels for cash on delivery or after-payment, as well as postal parcels or bills. We receive packages sent with company packages. Repayment of the value of the goods takes place within 30 days from the time we received the goods again. The same applies to incorrect deliveries, and if you want to change to another you must contact our customer service first.

Adress for returns:

TH Pettersson AB, Norra Långebergsgatan 6, SE-42132 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


If you have received a defective or faulty item, please contact our customer support immediately. Describe the error as thoroughly as possible. If we cannot solve the problem, you are of course entitled to complain the product in order to have it exchanged for a new or equivalent one. If there is no fault with the product, the customer is charged for the examination fee and any shipping costs. Complaints must be made in accordance with the instructions you receive from us and in the event of a dispute we follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board. You can also proceed with your complaint on the EU Common Dispute Resolution Page

Contact us

Remember that freight time is added. At high workloads, it may sometimes take longer for us to answer by phone or e-mail. On order items and unique products, it may take longer to handle the order, if you are unsure you should contact us before placing orders.

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