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About TH Pettersson AB - est. 1923 

We have been in Gothenburg since 1923 and over the years we have accumulated a solid experience and knowledge. If you have any questions about our services or range, just call, send an e-mail or get past one of our two premises in Gothenburg.
"Welcome to TH - we have been the Swedish choice since 1923."

Safe trading online

We advocate a safe environment for our customers online. We want our customers to feel safe and happy with their experience, and for that reason it is self-evident that we live up to the requirements to become Certified E-commerce.

TH Pettersson AB - Tradition, knowledge & quality, since 1923

Started in 1923 - TH Pettersson AB is one of Sweden's oldest companies in its branch. Established in 1923 by Axel Theodor Pettersson with the motto "The customer in the center", the same year as the Gothenburg Art Museum and the great amusement park Liseberg were opened in the same city.

When Theodor Pettersson started TH Pettersson was high quality. good service and satisfied customers the most important word - you could say that we have not changed a thing, something we are very proud of.

Time for expansion - The first store was located at Norra Hamngatan and moved to Mölndalsvägen 25 in 1967 due to the construction of the Nordstan shopping center. In 1998, the premises were expanded and renovated and we were located there until December 2021. Since January 2022 our store and passenger car workshop are located at Norra Långebergsgatan 6.

Workshops - The very first workshop was a small tire workshop at Polhemsplatsen. And in 1964 we added another one with the dimensions of a large and modern workshop on Ovädersgatan 16.

The future - 2016, we launched our first online store, a new step for us to meet our customers' expectations and to reach customers outside Gothenburg. We find more and more customers outside Sweden and during our first two years we delivered orders to over 20 different countries. We look forward to 2023 celebrating 100 years, one and the same family since the start - now the fourth generation.

Environmental work - A necessary thought for the future of motoring

We work for the environment - TH Pettersson AB states that active environmental thinking is essential for the further development and survival of motoring. The company shall, through continuous improvement, work to minimize negative and harmful environmental impact.

This means:
That the company must comply with current environmental legislation, regulations and other binding requirements from customers and others and intend to step ahead. To be constantly developed to minimize harmful environmental impact. We shall annually revise and set new environmental goals.
That the company can offer its customers environmental products with the least environmental impact or products with the best recycling system where these are represented.
To actively search for environmental products that fit in the range.
That both management and staff in all positions must work for an active environmental thinking regarding products, recommendations, own actions in internal and external work environment, according to the conditions that exist.

TH Pettersson AB is ISO certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001: 2015 and works very actively with its environmental work.

New markets - All of Europe is our market

We are proud suppliers of rims, tires, spare parts and motorsport parts to the whole of Europe. We offer our range online to European customers and send parts worldwide through our customer support.

Welcome to contact us for more information and quotation.

TH Pettersson AB
Norra Långebergsgatan 6, SE-42132 Västra Frölunda, Sweden SE-556041-8468