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Starting Battery TE2353 TUDOR EXIDE STRONGPRO 235Ah 1200A(EN) in the group HEAVY VEHICLES / CONTRACT BATTERIES at TH Pettersson AB (32-TE2353)
Starting Battery TE2353 TUDOR EXIDE STRONGPRO 235Ah 1200A(EN)
Exide / Tudor

Starting Battery TE2353 TUDOR EXIDE STRONGPRO 235Ah 1200A(EN)

L: 518 mm / B: 279 mm / H: 240 mm Read more
Article nr: 32-TE2353
  • Information
  • 'Tudor''s new STRONGPRO is equipped with the next-generation high vibration resistance (HVR®) design, and comes with Carbon Boost ™, Tudor''s intelligent acid reduction solution and faster recharge. Since the launch of the AdBlue® tank (Euro 5/6), the truck manufacturers have moved the battery to the rear of the chassis, where increased vibrations can quickly lead to battery failure. Tudor''s unique HVR® technology prevents this, and it is thus possible for StrongPRO to withstand the extremely demanding vibration tests for the new European V4 * standard (EN 50342-1: 2015). StrongPRO reduces the risk of engine failure, provides more reliable start-up and increased service life - giving the lowest cost of ownership overall for your vehicle fleet.'
    Ah: 235 Ah
    Attachment lugs: B0
    Cold Start Power: 1200 A (EN)
    Pole setting: 3
    Pole type: 1
    Venting: JA
    Volt: 12 V
    Length: 518
    Width: 279
    Height: 240
    Weight: 56,8 kg
    Type: FV
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