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Turtle Wax

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Turtle Dry Touch Plastic/vinyl Cleaner 500ml
Plastic cleaning that restores interior plastic / vinyl details to original condition.
Turtle Engine Bay Cleaning Spray 400ml
Degreases and cleans all types of motors, tools, lawn mowers etc. Universal and high pressure nozz...
Turtle Extreme Prewash-T
A unique product that replaces traditional cold grease. Prewashes with unsurpassed results. Solves...
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Turtle Extreme Textile Clean 400ml
Powerful interior foam shampoo with brush that removes stains and dirt from the carpet and other i...
Turtle Insect Remover Microfiber Sponge
Turtle Wax insect sponge specially developed to remove tough insects, tar stains and other co...
Turtle MAX-Power Car Wash Schampo 2,95l
The only shampoo where you can customize the cleaning effect. Traditional car shampoo maintains th...
Turtle Microfiber Cloth for Interior
Specially adapted to make the car's interior, glass, mirrors, plastic surfaces and textiles clean....
Turtle Plastic Renew 300ml
Renovates external plastic and rubber parts and tire sides. Not used on hot surfaces.
Turtle Power Out Carpet & Rubber 400 ml
Heavy detergent that removes dried flakes, dirt, etc.
Turtle Power Out Leather Cleaner 400ml
Cleaning and nourishing foam that protects the skin from bleaching, color changes and cracks.
Turtle Power Out Textile Clean & Protect
Strong interior cleaning that removes stains and dirt. Made for textiles in car, and home.
Turtle Super Degreaser
High-concentration degreaser that quickly removes tar, asphalt, oil stains etc. Excellent also for...
From £9
Turtle Tyre & Bumper Shine 500ml
A thick penetrating gel that gives a shiny and protective surface on the tire sides and outside pl...
Turtle Wash & Wax shampoo 500ml
Effective car shampoo that cleans and gives a glossy water-repellent surface.
Turtle ZIP Schampo
A superconcentrated and effective shampoo that cleans the lacquer without removing the wax layer.
Article 1-15 of 15