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Sparco Model adapted steering wheel hubs
Model adapted steering wheel hub from Sparco. Available for many models but only a few is availabl...
From £62
Sparco Quick Release - Tunint 6 bolt
Quick Release for Sparco Steerings wheels. 3-6 bolt pattern and universal fitment.
Sparco Quick Release Touring 6 bolt
Sparco quick release hub has a six-hole fastening 70 mm apart on the hub side + (3+6) holes on the...
Sparco Steering Wheel Buttons 1-2pc
Sparco steerings wheel additional buttons, same pattern as Sparco steering wheels. Available with ...
From £39
Sparco Steering Wheel L360
TUV homologated steering wheels from Sparco. Available in leather or suede.
From £265
Sparco Steering Wheel L999 - TUV
The Sparco 3-spoke, flat L999 Alcantara sports steering wheel has a diameter of 330 mm.
Sparco Steering Wheel P300
3-spooked racing steering wheel from Sparco with 300mm diameter and 30mm depth.
Sparco Steering Wheel R345 - Suede / Leather
3-spooked racing steering wheel with leather or suede grip.
From £179
Sparco Steering wheel R353
Flat steering wheel with large grip. Suede.
Sparco Steering Wheel San Remo
Steering wheel with round grip shape 25/25 mm in classic wooden design.
Sparco Steering Wheel Spacer 50mm - Silver / Black
Sparco steering wheel spacer 50mm (2"). Available in silver (aluminium finish) and black.
Article 1-11 of 11