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Image Strong G.Blk /Pol 6,5x16 5x160 E60 C65,1 in the group WHEELS / RIMS / BRANDS / IMAGE at TH Pettersson AB (SPF-75416065500016060651)
Image Strong G.Blk /Pol 6,5x16 5x160 E60 C65,1
Image Wheels

Image Strong G.Blk /Pol 6,5x16 5x160 E60 C65,1

6,5x16 5x160 E60 C65,1 Read more
Article nr: SPF-75416065500016060651
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  • With us you will find the hugely affordable range from Image. A slightly cheaper but at the same time a qualitative range of aluminum wheels for the smaller and simpler car.

    Shipping and Delivery:
    Wheels from this manufacturer can be picked up in our store in Gothenburg, Sweden if you are a Swedish customer, otherwise they will be shipped to your destination.

    Mounting kit:
    When purchasing rims, any mounting equipment is included if necessary, in many cases the rims are already adapted to the original wheel bolt / wheel nut. Needed hub rings is included if needed.

    Always specify vehicle identification when ordering so we can adapt any mounting kit to the right car model.

    Wheel Size Inch: 16
    Width: 6,5
    Model: Strong
    Bolt Circle: 5x160
    ET / Offset: 60
    Hub: 65,1
    Color: Black, Silver
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