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Battery DUAL AGM 12V 75Ah 750A(EN) in the group BATTERIES / MARINE & HOBBY / CONSUMPTION BATTERIES at TH Pettersson AB (105-D26R)
Battery DUAL AGM 12V 75Ah 750A(EN)

Battery DUAL AGM 12V 75Ah 750A(EN)

L: 260 mm / B: 172 mm / H: 220 mm Read more
Article nr: 105-D26R
  • Information
  • Nordmax AGM Dual Purpose is a powerful marine battery with both start and consumer battery characteristics. The battery is completely closed where the acid is absorbed into the fiberglass between the lead plates. This means that the battery is vibration-proof, anti-tipping and that the liquid level never needs to be checked.
    Ah: 75 Ah
    Attachment lugs: B5
    Cold Start Power: 750 A (EN)
    Pole setting: 1
    Pole type: Dual
    Volt: 12 V
    Wh: 700
    Height: 220
    Weight: 20,5 kg
    Type: AGM
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