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Angelwax Leather Wash Mitt in the group ACCESSORIES / CAR CARE / DETAILING / ACCESSORIES at TH Pettersson AB (27-ANG2750)
Angelwax Leather Wash Mitt

Angelwax Leather Wash Mitt

Angelwax's new special wash glove for cleaning leather. Saves time and simplifies the cleaning of leather. Read more
Article nr: 27-ANG2750
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  • Angelwax's new special wash glove for cleaning leather. Saves time and simplifies the cleaning of leather. Perfect combination with our "Heaven For Leather" which cleans and softens the skin in one step, in addition to leaving the scent of new leather.

    Spray on the agent on the surface to be treated and cleaned using this microfiber glove, then wipe clean with microfiber cloth. No need to rinse. The glove is machine washable.


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